LAAS 2020 Annual Retreat

About Us

Hi! We are Jeff & Lori Kenney from Audubon, MN. We have adopted 4 children, have one biological child, and have been married 33 years.


Many years ago God laid it on our heart to have a 1-day retreat for adoptive moms. We know what it's like to experience issues and concerns with your adopted children and feel like "nobody fully understands what you are going through."

Our mission through the retreat and Lakes Area Adoption Support (LAAS) is to be the hands and feet of Jesus through support, education, refreshment, connection, prayer and a listening ear.

The goal when the retreat started was to help educate local foster and adoptive moms as they raise these children who have come from hard places:

"If only the kids in permanent, adoptive care or foster care had caregivers who understood the complexities of developmental trauma. Unfortunately, the foster care systems in most states struggle to get qualified homes, and when they do recruit a family, the amount of education provided about development, trauma, attachment and the various challenges these children face is minimal. Most carers are self-taught with all the potential benefits and pitfalls that can bring. In general, many of our adoptive and foster carers are overwhelmed by the needs and challenges of these children, and many are poorly equipped or supported to deal with the range of complex problems that these children often have." - Dr. Bruce Perry

I (Lori) have a dedicated team of adoptive moms helping me to make the annual retreat happen, so our hope is that you will come away feeling refreshed, connected with other women who understand the unique concerns of adoption and are more equipped to parent your adopted and foster child(ren). 

We hope you can join us!