We live on 8 wooded acres on a lake. We would like to use our property to bless others. With this in mind, we would invite your family to come spend part of a day just getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. Bring a sack lunch, some beach towels, books or toys your children would enjoy...OR please feel free to come alone without your children and just sit by the lake and read or relax. Check the weather and then click here to schedule a time to come and relax.

Additional Information:  Only one family will be allowed at a time, due to privacy and safety. We will be asking you to sign a waiver before using our property, just in case there are any accidents with your children. Please be aware we have a German Shepherd on the property, but she will be kenneled for your entire visit. You are fully responsible for your children and family during your visit.  While we will be home during your visit, the beach is private, and a 1 minute walk down a path.


Please see the waiver here. 


Jeff and Lori's newly renovated beach